About Us

Purpose & Vision
     To provide professional education and performance experiences for students in music and the performing arts.
     Our mission is to inspire the next generation of musicians and performing artists, train them and then give them a chance to shine!
     We engage students through professional education and training; and create exceptional performance opportunities in which they realize how using their talents can bring positive change to the world around them.
     Through our designated educational programs and performing groups, students discover how sharing music and the arts has the power to make a difference in the lives of people everywhere. Our efforts will always educate, challenge and inspire students to be creative, compassionate and imagine ways they can serve the greater community.

About Us
     We are a local charity focused on supporting music education, performing arts and charitable community organizations that serve children.
     We passionately believe that when young people have opportunities to grow and flourish by participating in exceptional training and professional quality performing arts productions, they are becoming not only the next generation of artists and arts appreciators, but the next generation of engaged citizens: empowered to commit, focus, communicate, and energetically participate in a collaborative process.
     In the current economic climate, opportunities for young artists to develop their artistic strengths are diminishing. As financial and educational support for the performing arts dwindles, CMAF is committed to making sure that this doesn’t happen in our community, because our young people are not only the next generation of artists, but are the next generation of leaders in their community.
     Research shows the significant role that art plays in preparing young people for success, both in school and in life. Arts-involved students watch fewer hours of TV, participate in more community service and report less boredom in school. Extensive and deep involvement in the arts is also a predictor of students’ later academic achievement and community involvement.

The Coastal Music & Arts Foundation is an IRS 501(c)3 California Non-profit Corporation with deductible tax ID number 82-2005366.
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