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Coastal Music & Arts Foundation is one of those dreams that took years to become a reality…beginning in our hearts long before becoming an official entity.

We started Coastal Music Studios in September of 2012 and immediately launched the North County Children’s Choir because we wanted part of our ‘Studio DNA’ to be one of always offering something for free to kids on our community. We strongly believe that all kids should have access to music and the arts…even when they cannot afford private lessons.

As the NCCC became a bit more present in the community, we began to see a passionate team of people coming along side of us to help create more opportunities for kids to engage with the arts. We held our first Christmas 4 Kidz concert in 2013…a charity concert by kids to help kids…and things have continued to gain momentum each year. All proceeds from these shows are given to charities that serve needy children here in San Diego County, and around the world.

This team of amazing people has challenged us to dream even bigger…to found a nonprofit through which we can provide even greater opportunities for kids to experience the arts through education and performance. And, here we are…

Officially a 501(c)3 California Non-profit Charitable Corporation, Coastal Music & Arts Foundation can now offer tax-deductions for contributions to our efforts.

So we start here…continuing the work we love and have been doing for years…dreaming and creating something bigger than we imagined possible…ready to partner with new people and organizations who are all about kids…making music and arts more available to the next generation…hoping you’ll join in the fun with us!

Cheers –

Andy & Pam Allen

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